On the corporate side we work with companies big and small to translate complex business issues to actionable items that stimulate change and improve processes and performance. We are hired by management, board of directors and investors to handle everything from startup support, to interim-CEO and management roles to M&A advisory and strategic projects.

When disputes or conflicts arise we are engaged by the nation’s leading law firms and their clients to address deficiencies in corporate governance, investigate accounting errors and irregularities, alleged fraud and assess potential damages. Many of these matters often include special investigations and need for expert witness testimony. Our team also advises companies on developing comprehensive and implementing corporate compliance and risk management programs. These engagements include analyzing and reporting on departures from auditing standards and financial reporting issues to CEO, CFO and director responsibilities.

Startup Services

  • Interim CEO and CFO services
  • Financial systems and administration
  • Design policies, procedures and internal controls
  • Organize, maintain and buildout company books and records
  • Budgeting, forecasting and cash management
  • Third party vendor and professional relationships, including 409A valuations
  • Fundraising strategy, including pitch deck and investor meetings
  • Strategy and board of director presentations
    Stock administration
  • M&A and exit assistance, including IPO preparation

Interim Management

  • CEO, CFO, COO assignments
  • Re-define strategic initiatives
  • Terminate and replace ineffective management
  • Introduce change management
  • Monitor progress to achieve desired results

Performance Improvement

  • Site analysis and talent assessment
  • Improve communication and company culture
  • Customer strategy and profitability
  • Competitive analysis and pricing strategies
  • GTM initiatives
  • Identify areas for cost reduction and eliminate redundancies
  • Manage R&D productivity
  • Establish and implement KPIs, metrics and goals
  • Business unit optimization
  • Align executive management team on corporate goals and objectives

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Identifying potential targets
  • Preliminary and full due diligence
  • Quality of earnings
  • Deal negotiation
  • Valuation
  • Board presentations – go or no go
  • Integration services

Litigation Consulting and Investigations

  • Corporate governance and internal audit 
  • Investigate alleged financial reporting errors and irregularities, fraud and corruption
    • Asset misappropriation 
    • Embezzlement 
    • Fraud 
    • Whistleblower investigations 
    • Regulatory investigations 
    • Earn-out and post-acquisition disputes 
    • Accounting malpractice 
    • Restatements 
  • Expert testimony
  • Damage analysis
  • Valuations 
  • Securities law violations 
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency
  • Compliance monitoring and strategic support
  • Risk assessment and mitigation

Turnarounds & Restructurings

  • Turnaround advisory 
  • Interim management 
  • Debtor in possession 
  • Creditor advisory 
  • Crisis management and stabilization 
  • Receiverships 
  • Financial and operational restructuring 
  • Debt advisory

Hunter Stevens LLC

Fiduciary Services

  • Permanent or interim general partner, chief operating officer or consultant
  • Acting liquidating trustee or
  • Fund launch
  • Stakeholder communication
  • Crisis management
  • Oversee fund administrator and
    CFO; oversight of all service
  • Investor relations
  • Cash flow management
  • Review/manage capital calls
    and distributions
  • Review of fund financial
  • Review capital account
    allocations roll forward and
    calculation of unrealized/
    realized carried interest
  • Support completion of annual
  • Manage investor relations
  • Participate in investment
    valuation process
  • Oversee preparation and
    timelines for regulatory and tax
  • Portfolio monitoring and
  • Acting co-manager in
    connection with fund
    restructurings and
  • Liquidation of assets
  • Investment stages from venture
    capital to late stage buy out
  • GP, LP, CEO, Board counsel and
    media training
  • Litigation consulting and
    forensic accounting
  • Funds located in Delaware,
    Bermuda and the Cayman