Operations Consulting that Supports Organizational Needs

Improving the efficiency of your value chain isn’t always easy. The process can be complicated and tedious, especially if you’re too involved in the organization to step back and see the bigger picture with an unbiased perspective.

This article outlines some important ways that a specialty consultant can help to simplify operational workflow by minimizing the complexity of business operations and solving specific problems in the value chain.

What is operational consulting?

Business operations consulting, sometimes called strategy consulting is an approach used by businesses to improve the functionality of their business operations and performance.

By working with a specialty consulting firm like Hunter Stevens, your organization gains access to experienced consultants that can provide insights as to where workflow or organizational processes are not reaching their fullest potential.

An organization that opts for the support of operations consulting or strategy consulting will benefit from the specialized expertise of the consulting team, who can provide externally driven advice not tied to the growth or success of the business, but rather an objective perspective. 

According to Harvard’ Professional Development resources, operations consulting can typically encompass services or metrics such as:

  • Benchmarking
  • The GE-McKinsey Nine-Box Matrix
  • The BCG Growth-Share Matrix
  • Core Competencies

These tools help inform the relative success of the currently employed operational methodology and can illuminate new routes to a more effective operational approach. 

How to work with operations consultants

Often, an organization is aware of some major pain points they are experiencing or issues within their systems or processes but is unable to determine the underlying cause of the issues. This is where operations consultants can help. 

When working with an operations consulting team, a good place to start is by identifying some symptoms of the organization’s component problems. Together with a consultant or consulting team, you’ll be able to review correlative behaviors, issues that regularly present themselves concurrently, and ultimately to determine a few of the root causes of operational error.

In this way, strategy consultants and operations consultants often prefer to work backward through the value chain. They can see each step in the process and what has led to its current behavioral patterns. 

Working backward through the issue also helps to establish the exact point in the systems or operational flow where the issue arises and begins to impact each step forward in the chain.

If you are going to work with a consulting group to assess your operations, begin by asking your C-levels or management team a few questions about the organizational flow, including:

  • What is our organizational structure and is it consistent throughout our processes? 
  • Is there a sequential flow of process components to create our final product?
  • Are we using a standardized technique?
  • What are the qualities of our supply chain? 
  • Are there areas where we can simplify the process?

By bringing the answers to these questions to your consultants they will have a clearer scope of your processes and techniques and can begin to objectively unravel any issues that are presenting themselves. 

Business operations consulting

Most businesses hire a consultant for operations or strategy as a way to reach target operational goals. This may include reducing costs, improving efficiency, or eliminating waste and redundancy. 

When a business works with an operations consultant, the business can anticipate improvements in a few key areas. These areas include:

  • Visual representation of process components
  • Simplify production process 
  • Develop the most effective use of resources 
  • Regulate the flow of materials for practicality
  • Standardization of processes
  • Overall quality improvement

Some consultants work with organizations at the business planning level to establish best practices at the beginning. This is important because it ensures that your organization has a clear and well-defined strategy upon entering the market.

Some businesses may already be established but wish to develop greater efficiency so they can continue to grow the business and scale without doing so too quickly or ineffectively.

This procedure could include a review of:

  • Overall business practices
  • Sales, profitability and financial outcomes
  • Advertising
  • Audience and market value
  • Competition

By reviewing some of these core aspects of general business operations, your consultant will have a 360° view of the organization and how it fits into the grander context of the market. 

These pieces of information will guide the strategic approach and develop an updated operational methodology. 

Operational consulting services

Professional operational consulting services will help guide your business towards long-term, sustainable growth. By choosing to work with an established, experienced firm of expert business consultants or specialty consultants, your organization will improve processes in no time.

Whether your issues are operational or strategic, or the business model and scalability are out of sync, selecting the right operational consulting services will make all of the difference. 

Growing your business with operational consulting services from Hunter Stevens LLC brings you expertise and a long term strategy for success.

As competition across most global markets expands, supply chains become disrupted and increasingly more difficult to navigate, the support of an operations consulting firm can greatly benefit your business. 

The improvements that a specialty consultant can offer will be far-reaching and will last while your business accelerates to a greater level of success. 

If your organization is new, a consultant can help get you off to a great start with a sustainable business model. If your organization is in a growing phase, a consulting firm can review your procedures and help to refine.
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