How working with a management consultant can support your corporate or startup business 

Building or maintaining a corporation is not as simple as it sounds. Management consultants work as a part of your team to provide expertise and experience to create success for your business venture. 

Whether you’re a startup, a large corporation, or a business seeking to expand without the necessary bench strength, a specialized management consultant can help you maximize financial outcomes. 

In this article we’ll provide an overview of a few key aspects of corporate services offered by Hunter Stevens, including:

  • Interim management
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Turnarounds
  • Corporate strategic services
  • Corporate governance 

This overview is designed to give a brief, but robust understanding of the ways the Hunter Stevens team can support your growing (or changing) business with a success driven mindset. 

By invoking the support of Hunter Stevens you’ll have a team of experts guiding each step of your business needs.

Our practice includes seasoned financial, technical and regulatory experts, from Big 4 partners who have managed many engagements to staff members who are experts in data analysis, our consultants form highly effective project teams to solve problems and optimize outcomes. The Hunter Stevens team consists of:

  • CEO’s
  • CFO’s
  • MBA’s
  • CPA’s 

Each member of Hunter Stevens brings a unique perspective and skill set to devise a route through common business challenges, and optimize performance. Our multidisciplinary approach towards problem-solving ensures that no stone is left unturned, and every possible angle is considered.

We’ll help you adapt to market changes, and develop a scalable, growth directed business. This means identifying and establishing an appropriate course of action, then progressing towards strategic goals. 


Interim management 

Often business and corporations need support in effectively filling executive positions. 

Higher level functions like CEO, CFO or COO roles need to be carefully considered with a long term strategy in mind. But, if the roles go unfilled for too long, new issues present themselves. For this reason, interim management can be implemented to fulfill the roles while the appropriate candidates are identified and brought up to speed. 

In some instances organizations have a gap in executive functions, i.e. missing a CFO or a CEO. Our management consulting team is equipped and experienced with filling these organizational gaps and headhunting for appropriate leadership in the area of interest. 

Similarly, there are occasions where organizations have ineffective management in place. In this case, termination and replacement regimes can be orchestrated.

Mergers and Acquisitions

During the M&A process, it is important to apply strategic foresight to advance the organization in a meaningful way. This requires thoughtful due diligence before operational changes are implemented, as to achieve practical goals. 

Consider the following questions:

  • How are two (or more) businesses going to effectively integrate? 
  • What targets would make an ideal merger? 
  • What are the parameters of the integration? How will the previously separate organizations work together to grow? 

In order to effectively answer these questions, leading up to and during an active deal, Hunter Stevens will work with your team to perform:

  • Market assessments 
  • Target identification and analysis
  • Quality of earning reviews 
  • Valuation  
  • Negotiation
  • Full diligence 
  • Organization integration

    If your organization has experienced loss, poor performance, or stagnation and is aiming for financial recovery, a turnaround strategy should be implemented. Especially in the era of COVID-19, many companies and industries are seeking a strategic turnaround or reinvention/innovation to thrive in the market, anew. 

    Our team can guide your corporation during the turnaround process, provide interim management, and offer debt advisory services.

    We can offer support in the restructuring processes including that of the financial and operational systems. Our consulting services also include crisis management and stabilization. 

    Strategic Services

    Driving growth and increasing business means arriving to market with an innovative approach. Our corporate strategic services can facilitate the desired growth for your organization by addressing leadership concerns and appointing roles for the Board of Directors.  

    This process will also incorporate:

    • Goal setting
      • Communication
      • Company Culture
      • Financial Milestones
      • Scalability 
    •  Performance evaluation and improvement initiatives 
      • Competition analysis 
      • Onsite study
      • Pricing strategy
      • Talent assessment
    •  Research and Development 
      • Market comparison 
      • Product and service innovation
      • Technology 
    Corporate Governance 

    As a management and specialty consulting firm, our goal is to help your organization grow. This means establishing a system of rules and policies to determine both day to day, and long-term business functions. 

    In the case of corporate governance, we’ll support your mission to establish management policies and business operations that not only last but lead to the success you’re aiming for. 

    Hunter Stevens will help you develop governance methods that

    • Introduce compliance procedures 
    • Establish standards to avoid FCPA violation or fraud
    • Offer future-focused action points
    • Profitability analysis 

    Can Hunter Stevens help my organization?

    Yes. Our services are available for every business from to startups, fortune 500 companies, and everything in between.

    We serve:

    • Boards
    • Corporations
    • Family Offices 
    • Private Equity Firms 
    • Venture Capital Firms 

    Increase your corporation’s financial success, now 

    At Hunter Stevens LLC, our team of experts will advise your business venture on every step of the growth process. We’ll help you take your corporation to the next level, from the macro-perspective, like analyzing productivity fundamentals and market competitive analysis, to the micro-perspective like talent assessment and cross-training initiatives.

    Our team is proud to offer support to solve complex business issues with our industry knowledge, technical expertise and practical approach to solving problems. 

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