hunter stevens fraud risk management

A fundamental element of managing a business is the ability to limit the exposure to fraud to a relatively low level.  As technology has become more sophisticated, so have schemes evolved to defeat the most ardent systems of internal controls.  The impact of fraud on an organization’s performance and profitability can be profound – while the reputations and regulatory consequences can be even greater. Hunter Stevens works in collaboration with management to make regular, on-going, assessments to identify potential blind spots and shore up those weaknesses before they compound.  

Because the risks of fraud, and the best approach to managing and responding those risks, are specific to each enterprise, we first gain an understanding of the likeliest problem areas and the strengths and weaknesses of your existing fraud management program.  By obtaining that knowledge we can provide you an informed view of your existing procedures and work with management to strengthen corporate governance.

Innovation Leads the Way 

  • Leveraging your cloud infrastructure to achieve scalability and flexibility to run applications to enhance effectiveness and efficiency
  • Introduce advanced digital assessment tools and software to be applied on a regular and timely basis
  • Apply AI and machine learning as a predictor of potentially fraudulent activities
  • Implementing a framework to provide on-going assessment and feedback about material patterns of financial and business activities
  • Ensuring that systems and procedures meet today’s more complex operating environments and new fraud patterns are acted upon

Benefits of Using Hunter Stevens 

  • Access to seasoned CPAs and CFEs experienced in all facets of fraud risk management 
  • Enhanced data and financial management 
  • Ensure business processes and activities are consistent worldwide
  • Keep pace with the current environment and data processing techniques 
  • Expose weaknesses in internal controls and potential concealment of fraudulent behavior 
  • Align business practices with an enterprise codes of professional ethics

Key Contacts 

Rick Stevens

Founder and Managing Director

Hunter Stevens LLC