Responding to Disputes and Investigations with the help of Experts

Key takeaways:

  • Even the finest and well-run organizations can find themselves the target of an unwanted dispute or investigation
  • How Hunter Stevens can help your business successfully address these obstacles

A Challenging Business Climate

The world of modern business is ridden with complex regulatory, financial and legal challenges. Aside from just focusing on the core mission of their business and industry, corporations look to engage professionals like Hunter Stevens to minimize risk before an issue becomes unmanageable. Without the right team of experienced experts, many organizations find themselves in turmoil and end up facing high-stakes issues with courts or other regulatory bodies. If the issues go unresolved for too long a business can encounter serious consequences. 

Whether the problems are caused by error or fraudulent activity, businesses are confronted with potential legal ramifications impacting the business flow, including reputation risk, and/or financial loss that can cause long-term harm.  

Hunter Stevens professionals are skilled to address and respond to:

  • Earnout disputes 
  • Audit and special committee investigations 
  • Financial reporting fraud and potential restatements 
  • Corporate governance and internal audit issues 
  • Whistleblower investigations 
  • Securities law violations 
  • Risk assessment and mitigation 
  • Compliance monitoring 
  • FCPA violations

Litigation Consulting and Investigations: How Can Hunter Stevens Help You

Hunter Stevens has been working on complex, high stakes, financial investigations since 1995. Our experienced team works with the nation’s leading law firms, SEC, DOJ and other regulatory agencies to investigate and provide consulting services and expert testimony regarding alleged accounting errors and irregularities, auditor malpractice claims, securities law violations and large complex business litigation matters. Members of the firm have been consultants and/or testifying experts in a number of high-profile matters concerning or arising out of, SemGroup LP, Madoff, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Enron and Halliburton, among others.

Common Dispute & Investigation Services for Corporate Financial Matters

Businesses that are facing large-scale financial and accounting misconduct allegations usually need expert support to review their internal processes and identify the causes of pain points. A professional and experienced team, like Hunter Stevens, is able to thoroughly and effectively evaluate and identify gaps, then advise on how to rectify and restore financial integrity.

Below we offer some examples of when an organization may need litigation and investigation support, and what some of those services include more specifically. 

Why Might your Business Need Dispute & Investigation Services

Hunter Stevens works with businesses that have found themselves in tricky situations. This may involve potentially fraudulent behavior in corporate and professional environments or errors which have triggered red flags to regulatory agencies. 

We work closely with your corporation during inspections and legal processes to provide counsel and direction throughout any fraudulent investigatory matters. We work with both plaintiffs and defendants, to provide probing investigations and responsible follow-through. Many of our staff are also Certified Fraud Examiners whose background and experience extends beyond what is traditionally available from public accounting firms.

We are experienced in tracing and exposing subtle patterns of fraudulent financial reporting, undocumented expenditures, fictitious transactions, corruption, bribery and mismanagement. These are all common causes for auditing or reviews of potentially falsified accounting practices. 

Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigations

When corporate finances are being investigated for misconduct or deviation from best practices, Hunter Stevens provides forensic accounting services. Our experts will help your business throughout the litigation process, including providing expert testimony and if needed, bringing in outside expertise to report on financial and technical matters.

Our experienced team can also offer technical assistance throughout the legal process. This includes:

  • Pretrial discovery support – document request advisory, technical input on motions, pleadings and briefs, prepare deposition and interrogatory questions, external research 
  • Case analysis – establish or refute evidence, prepare financial and accounting analyses 
  • Support during trial – issue expert reports, provide testimony, assist in preparing witnesses, develop rebuttals, trial exhibits 
  • Post-trial support – assist in the accounting, tax and business aspects of the settlement

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