About Us

Our practice includes financial and technical experts, startup CEOs and CFOs, MBAs and, of course, CPAs. From Big 4 partners who have managed many engagements to staff members who are experts in data analysis, our consultants form highly effective project teams to solve problems and optimize performance.

We use a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure that the appropriate skills are utilized on each assignment.

CEOs and CFOs

who have held executive positions with startups, private and public companies, regulatory agencies, and other leading business advisory firms. Our consultants have years of experience in identifying problems, as well as initiating, implementing and executing solutions.

Management Consultants

who are boots on the ground and act as a SWAT team to assist CEOs/CFOs/Boards to drive and execute strategy. We work with management to evaluate changing market conditions, looking to the future to assess appropriate courses of actions for optimum growth and profitability.

Investigation & Dispute Specialists

who have significant experience conducting investigations, resolving disputes and providing forensic accounting services to businesses, governments and regulatory bodies in collaboration with legal counsel. Our professionals specialize in financial and economic analysis and expert witness testimony concerning complex litigation matters in both state and federal courts.

Industry Experts

who provide the experience necessary to support your needs in industries such as life science and healthcare, banking, technology, real estate, insurance, CPG, and many others.