Hunter Stevens

Over the last four decades, the principals of Hunter Stevens have provided a wide range of financial services and advice. Our directors and specialists offer expertise in a variety of areas, ranging from the technical and financial questions to issues unique to specific industries.

We quickly identify experts and assemble teams to address specific issues involved in an assignment. We use a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure that the appropriate skills are utilized on each engagement. Our practice includes financial and technical experts, PhDs, MBAs and, of course, CPAs. From Big-Four partners who have managed many engagements to staff members who are experts in data analysis, our consultants form highly effective project teams to assist you. 


Our professional staff includes:


who have significant experience in a variety of litigation issues, are well versed in the legal process, and will understand and offer the support you require. Our professionals specialize in providing financial, economic and statistical analyses concerning complex litigation matters, provide expert testimony and in state and federal courts nationwide.


who have expertise in areas that relate to unique issues including, among other things, accounting and auditing standards, cost accounting applications, insolvency, corporate reorganization, valuations, information systems and taxation.


who provide the experience necessary to support your needs in industries such as banking, real estate, insurance, high tech, bio-science and many others.


who have held executive positions with private and public companies, regulatory agencies, and other leading business advisory firms. Our consultants have years of experience in identifying problems, as well as initiating, implementing and executing solutions.